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Cookie Mining: Ore Production & Cost-Benefit Analysis – Activity – TeachEngineering

The cost of manufacturing is key when acquiring nonrenewable and renewable raw assets. Engineers deal with each the science and economics behind buying pure assets. Engineers do value-profit analyses to make responsible selections about how to obtain the sources. They give the impression of being to maximise profits while also considering how the atmosphere- the close by air, land and water-might be impacted by way of mining by (hopefully) choosing the least destructive mining method. For instance, surface mining and underground mining have very distinction costs and ways that they impact the lithosphere.

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Before the Activity

– Make copies of the Cookie Mining Worksheet, which is an easy profit and loss statement template.- Write the Cookie Mining Reference Sheet data (additionally below) on the classroom board OR make copies as a handout.

Cookie Mining Reference Information

Startup costs: Before mining timing starts:

Land Cost

1 cookie = $1,200

Land area = squares on graph paper (partial squares = 1 full sq.)

Tools Cost (choose a minimum of 2)

1 paperclip = $500

1 spherical toothpick = $300

1 flat toothpick = $100

After mining timing ends:

Revenue from Sale of Chocolate Ore

Chips that fall off of the graph paper = “lost”

Whole, clean chip = $500 every

“Dirty” chip = chips which have cookie remains on them = $200 every

Partial chip (must be combined to form quantity of ore in one chip) = $a hundred every

Labor Cost (Time)

Ongoing mining operation = $50 per minute

Land Reclamation Cost

Original land (cookie) = $30 per sq.

Additional land (circles) made throughout reclamation = $50 per sq.

With the scholars

1. Ask the class the pre-exercise questions, as described in the Assessment section.

2. Present to the category the Introduction/Motivation content to kick-off the exercise.

3. When you loved this information and you would like to receive much more information about steel pipe supply please visit our web page. Give each student a chunk of graph paper and one chocolate chip cookie.

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1. With the class, go through the cookie mining reference info. Have college students resolve on their instruments, realizing that tools are one value of production that can determine into their ultimate profits.

2. Before timing begins, have students trace their cookies on the graph paper and rely the squares inside.

3. Place the cookie again inside the circle. Explain that from this level on the cookie will not be touched with their palms. Direct college students to start out mining while noticing the clock so as to maintain track of how much time the whole class spends at cookie mining (labor cost tracked by minutes).

4. Have students dig out as many chocolate chips as they will utilizing only their instruments.

5. After students have mined their cookies, they begin reclamation by utilizing only their instruments.

6. Once as many of the remaining cookie items are positioned back contained in the circle, have college students draw additional circles around the crumbs that aren’t positioned inside the principle cookie circle.

7. Tell the students: When all mining and reclamation is full and you are able to sell your chocolate ore, arrange them in such a way that they could also be simply counted, and increase your hand. For every pupil, word the amount of minutes they spent cookie mining.

Profit-loss assertion: Have students fill out the worksheet, which guides them by means of tabulating the costs of land steel tube cost (cookie), mining equipment, labor/time, mining operations, and land reclamation, as well as calculating the mining revenue and revenue (internet revenue).

Cost-profit evaluation: Discuss with college students the differences in costs amongst their peers along with how their cookies are examples of different sorts of mining. For example floor mining in which students destroy the cookie in the process vs. underground mining through which the cookie (land) stays largely intact.

8. Conclude through a class dialogue, asking college students the post-activity questions, as supplied within the Assessment section.


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