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Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure. Beauty that is often done first. And there are reports of dangers from doing this procedure periodically. But there are still many clients who want to do this procedure in order to tighten the body and increase confidence in wearing clothes. or in combination with other procedures

Knowledge in choosing how to safely liposuction is therefore essential that those who wish to liposuction should know before deciding to undergo surgery.

1 year agoSafe liposuction should consist of 3 main components.

1.good candidate (who is suitable for liposuction)

Liposuction is an procedure to remove excess fat in specific areas. It is not a weight loss procedure because fat is light. Most, although several liters of fat were removed, but the weight was not reduced very much.

suitable for liposuction

1.1 A person who has normal weight (normal BMI or within 30% of ideal body weight) and has excess fat in specific parts. without being able to reduce after exercise and diet After losing weight, the weight should be stable for about 6 months. If the weight is not stable, there may be new fat accumulation.

1.2 The quality of flexibility of the skin is good. Thick skin gives better results than thin areas. stretch marks and sagging Liposuction is not guaranteed to correct cellulite.

1.3 People who are healthy, do not have any underlying medical conditions, do not smoke or drink alcohol. if taking dietary supplements Vitamins should be discontinued for at least 2 weeks. Those who wish to remove fat should be informed, including understanding the effects and risks of surgery, from the surgeon prior to surgery.

2.safe place , equipments or technique

Because it is a risky procedure, it should be performed in a certified safety medical facility. If large volumes of liposuction are required, this should be done under general anesthesia under the supervision of a skilled anesthetist and should be hospitalized to monitor the symptoms after recovery from the anesthesia.

A safe accessory liposuction technique, such as vaser liposuction, involves breaking up fat masses into small fat deposits in liquid using ultrasound, natchayaclinic.com before being sucked up by a small tube and applied pressure. Minus This makes it possible to absorb more fat in a larger amount. low blood loss and avoid injury to nerves blood vessels and neighboring organs Compared to traditional liposuction


Liposuction even with small incisions But it is a risky cosmetic surgery procedure. have blood loss waste water and minerals There is a potential for injury to nearby tissues, nerves and organs. Therefore, it should be done by a surgeon who has a specific expertise and has been trained to have expertise in patient care.

Risks and complications that may occur from liposuction

– Congestion, heavy blood

loss or electrolyte abnormalities

– Swelling, bruising, lymphatic congestion

– Infection at the surgical site

– More numbness or burning in the skin than usual

– Scar, wavy skin, uneven curls from too little or too much liposuction or caused by the quality of Skin that lacks flexibility

– Injuries to nearby organs such as muscles, abdominal wall, nerves, etc.

– Thrombosis (deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary emboli) or fat emboli is a common condition. Mild but can be life threatening

– allergic to anesthetic or poisoning from anesthetic or overdose, which usually occurs in the case of liposuction in a clinic without vigilance during surgery.


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