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What is Big Data and what can it be used for?

Big Data is a term that is widely used in business circles. Because digital technology is advancing to its greatest extent today. Important information has been created enormously Waiting to be further developed for endless business opportunities.

Let’s get to know Big Data. How important are these data sources? And how can it be developed further in the business? You can find the answer in this article.

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What is Big Data?

Big Data refers to any data set. whichever is large and is recorded through various methods. For example, your own internal database. whether it is transaction data or customer behavior data

Today’s world is being driven by digital technology, a huge amount of data is being created every day. and can make it easier to collect Whether it is the behavior of searching for information on the Internet online viewing or important transactions

International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts that the amount of data generated on the digital platform by 2020 will reach 40 Zettabytes, equivalent to 40 trillion gigabytes.

These enormous datasets are very useful for customer insight, as they are essential for mandalasystem.com developing AI systems to reach the right customers. For example, Chatbot on the Facebook platform to deliver the right answers. and persuade customers to be most interested in products or services

So it’s time for each organization to start collecting data and using it to grow their business. Having more information will help you understand different situations. better than competitors This allows you to compete and stand at the top of your business. or it can be said that The more information, the greater the chances of success for the organization.

The Big Data can be categorized according to the structure of the data set as follows:

Structured Data

Refers to a data set that is organized, organized, clear, or identifiable by numbers. Ready to use immediately, such as the number of transactions with customers percentage movement within the stock market, etc.

unstructured data (Unstructured Data)

Refers to an unstructured data set. Or unable to determine the certainty of that information, it cannot be processed for immediate use, such as conversations with customers on social media.

semi-structured data (Semi-Structured Data)

Refers to a data set that has some level of structure but is not complete, such as status in Social Media is unstructured data. But in the case of a Hashtag (#) to help in categorizing This will make the information a little more organized.

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Key Features of Big Data

There are six characteristics of Big Data in general. Also referred to as “5Vs 1C”, the 6 characteristics of Big Data are as follows:

1. Large amount of data (Volume)

Means there is a large amount of data, which can be counted both online and offline. The data must be larger than a Terabyte.

for example The internet access of the world’s population is increasing every year. Each of them has a variety of data usage behaviors. The amount of information that occurs is enormous.

2. Variety of information

This means that each type of information is diverse. Combined, both forms are structured. unstructured and semi-structure

For example, through the behavior of Social Media Users that each day can create various data sets such as comments on Facebook posts classified as unstructured data. Because he can’t predict the answers and posts that interest him from the comments.

Or posting on Twitter that can categorize each post via Hashtag, but can’t clearly specify the structure or meaning of that Hashtag. This is therefore classified as semi-structured data.

The information obtained from answering the questionnaire via the Google Form with clear questions and answers to choose from. and that information can be used immediately are classified as structured data sets.

Because the use of Social Media User is not a fixed pattern. causing in addition to the enormous amount of data That information is also rich and complex.

3. Data that is increasing rapidly (Velocity)

Refers to information that is growing and changing rapidly. Generating a wealth of real-time information such as traffic information, Google Map takes advantage of the GPS access of people commuting on the road. To analyze and present the route that is the most streamlined traffic to users.

4. Useful information that can be used in business (Value)

Refers to information that is valuable to use. Can bring business benefits as well for example Google search behavior that makes it possible to know the interests of people at a given time.

5. Information must be accurate and clear (Veracity).

Since Big Data collects huge amounts of data, the most important thing is the accuracy of the data. This will be an important part in which those data can be processed for future use.

6. Information must be connected (Complexity).

In order to take advantage of Big Data, there is another important factor, which is the interconnection of the data. If the things gathered can’t find a connection point That data is useless, and effective data storage also takes into account the interrelationships of the data.


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