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Life Lessons to Learn from Thanos

In the Avengers: Infinity War and the Avengers: Endgame, Thanos has been the game-changer who decimated half of the entire living beings throughout the universe. This included many members of the Avengers like Groot, Spiderman, Nick Fury, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Drax, Star-Lord, Bucky Barnes, Dr. Strange, and many others. He also killed Loki, Heimdall, Dwarves of Nidavellir, and many others in his pursuit of achieving his goal and creating a balance across the universe.

Josh Brolin’s depiction of Thanos was the best of all times. You can watch him and other actors in action using movie channels offered by Spectrum Cable TV. You can get more information about Spectrum’s Cable TV service and place an order for the service using the Spectrum Customer Support number. This way you will get the maximum entertainment without any hassle. For now, let’s have a review of Thanos and the things that he can teach us about life:

Have Clear Goals in Life

It is a good idea to make sure that you have clearly defined goals and visions in your life. This not only gives you a direction on which you should walk but also helps an individual make their way towards their goals. Also, it gives you an idea about things you might need on the way. For instance, defining goals when you start off your journey can help you get an idea about the resources you need.

Also, it can help you select your approach and move towards your goals. It helps you assess the anticipated risks you might face on your way to your destination. Having goals can help you stay motivated and work towards your success. In the case of Thanos, he had his path defined and had the resources and people needed to get things done.

Be Confident and Calm

It is a good idea to stay calm no matter how adverse things are as people tend to commit the worst mistakes when they are anxious or angry. You can take the example of Thanos who embarked on his journey to create a balance in the universe and made his endeavors seem like something that was justified.

Using his calm and confident attitude he easily managed to overcome his weaknesses and moments when he got hurt badly. He proceeded to sacrifice Gamora without fear or remorse and dragged her to the edge of the cliff to fulfill his destiny.

He also showed utmost confidence when he was up against Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man in the final battle and engaged with the other Avengers who came out of the Portals.

Be Selfless While Serving Your Community

Thanos’ idea of the perfect world after decimating half of the universe might sound like a crazy plan but according to him, it was a just plan to stabilize the universe. He has been projected as someone who never loved anything or anyone other than his vision. A different side of Thanos’ personality was that he wanted to serve the world and free it from the threat of reaching a point of destruction.

He was also well-aware of the fact that using the Infinity Stones will destroy him as well but still, he used them to create a better universe. Also, while acquiring the stones, he had to sacrifice the only person he loved, fought the Avengers, and so on. All of these were not able to deviate him from his goals.

Know Your Competitors

It is always a good idea to keep your competitors and their strategies in mind when you are taking an initiative in your life or business. This not only helps you devise your strategies but also helps you equip yourself with the right resources as well. Thanos was aware of Iron Man and the Avengers before he even met them. This gave him an edge over the Avengers as a whole.

In the Battle of Titan and Wakanda, Thanos moved with confidence and knew what he had to do no matter how many hurdles he had to face. He had the Plan B of executing his plan even when was stabbed by Thor in the chest.


In the end, one can say that you can learn a lot from the life of Thanos and his overall character no matter how blinded he became by his plan and goals. He remained focused and executed his plan well and ended up retiring and destroying the Infinity Stones so that no one can use them for some evil plot.

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